About ReproTech

ReproTech’s goal is to make reproductive tissue banking services available to cancer patients, and all infertility patients wishing to preserve their fertility by making cryostorage more attainable, affordable and reliable, through ease of access, financial assistance, safety in shipping and security of storage. Their app gives Oncology professionals easy access to up-to-date information about ReproTech’s services for their patients.


ReproTech needed an app that could do three main things for its users: show an informational PDF document that is easy to navigate; the ability to find clinics near the user on a map along with clinic information; and the ability to search and filter clinics by GPS location, city and state. All of this had to be done while maintaining a friendly feel throughout the app.


To fulfil these requirements, we divided the app into two main sections: Information and Locations. In the Information section, the PDF is split into about 20 different pages the user can swipe through, which can also be accessed from a drawer menu. In the Locations section, the user can filter for locations near them or look at a map with all the clinics on it.


A lightweight, cross-platform experience that is both friendly and informational, with all the necessary features condensed into just a few screens. If any information is updated on the server, the app will stay up-to-date as well, allowing Oncology professionals and patients to be sure of the right choice for them.