About SlapCHAT!

SlapChat is one of our brainchildren here at Quarkworks. It is an alternative form of chat that focuses on slapping your friends with emojis in real time over chatting. SlapChat is still in beta at the moment while we flesh out some new ideas for the app, but we hope to release a build to the store soon.


One of our main goals with the first version of SlapChat is to ship a minimum viable product that will keep users interested in our idea. SlapChat also gave us the opportunity to try out new tools for iOS that we hadn’t been able to use in our client apps yet. Some of these include Apple’s new programming language, Swift, as well as Firebase and Realm.


We successfully got off the ground with our first fully functioning and deployed app made in Swift, while integrating the other new tools. We use phone number logins and and analytics through Parse to keep track of our user base, while using Firebase to update the slap conversations in real time. Realm also worked wonderfully as our database for this app compared to CoreData.


A fun experience with your friends! Come on, who doesn’t want to slap their buddy with an eggplant? SlapChat has a sleek user interface with custom graphics and effects, not to mention a fresh twist on chatting! We’re looking forward to where it will go in the future.