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Eventbrite is a platform to help people discover and attend new experiences. By making the ticketing process as smooth as possible for both organizers and event attendees, Eventbrite makes sure events run smoothly and attendees have the best possible time!


User Research, Branding, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Android Development, Backend Development




Eventbrite’s apps have been around for over a decade and been through a lot of changes along the way. By sharing code and libraries amongst their different iOS apps, they were able to allow developer teams to focus on their particular product and only require a few developers to fully understand the entire backend platform, allowing them to continue their rapid growth. However, as a result, adding new features had become a difficult process that required lots of planning and coordination by the core engineering team. New features were taking longer and longer to ship and hiring more developers with the required skills needed was difficult. The core team decided they wanted to modernize their technical stack without compromising the quality of their existing product to allow them to ship new features and products faster.


QuarkWorks worked with Eventbrite’s internal development team to rewrite their iOS data/network architecture into Swift, reducing a lot of complexity along the way. First, we did a deep dive to understand how the client and server apps interacted. Next, we built out a new shared Swift library to handle client server/server interactions. Then, we carefully refactored endpoints from the Objective-C codebase to Swift one by one, making sure to keep the build servers and unit tests happy along the way. After months of work, the new library was merged into the primary app and handles the client/server interactions in the Organizer app today!

“Both versions of the app have been well-received in the marketplace, resulting in several millions of dollars in sales. The app’s design is impressive, and the functions are user-friendly.”


Eventbrite Organizer launched their app revision without technical issues. New developers are able to onboard rapidly and adding new features to the app is now much easier. With Quarkwork’s changes and other improvements made by the core team, they are now able to ship updates quickly. Eventbrite recently went public and their future looks bright!