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ReproTech is a reproductive fertility storage service that provides people a safe and affordable way to access reproductive resources. ReproTech’s goal is to help people connect with expert providers within their network in order to guide them through the process of fertility preservation. Potential clients have many questions, and a large piece of marketing/outreach is providing information about the process.


Mobile App Design, iOS Development, Android Development





ReproTech has a web presence, but when we got started working with them in 2012, they did not have a convenient way for possible clients to find information about their services on the go. Due to the fact that they are still growing rapidly, they needed the ability to update the app in-house. Being our very first client, we were excited to build a user friendly mobile application that met ReproTech’s specifications.


QuarkWorks worked with ReproTech to deliver a design and product requirements that matched their existing brand. We then built the iOS and Android apps for current and future Reprotech users to readily have access to the needed information at the touch of a finger. In addition, by pulling data from a backend server, we made sure that ReproTech could easily update clinic information in-house whenever needed, keeping the update data process hands-off.


QuarkWorks launched new apps for ReproTech and has continued to provide yearly updates that keep the app stable, bug-free and with designs that perpetually improve. As ReproTech further expands its network and various locations, their apps will be able to seamlessly keep up!