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Roots N Blues N BBQ is an annual music and food festival in Columbia, Missouri, which draws thousands of people. This app reduces the load on volunteers and staff by keeping attendees up to date on the music lineup as well as informing where they can park, use facilities, and get transportation. Being from Columbia as well, QuarkWorks has a long history of helping make sure this whole experience goes off without a hitch!


User Research, Branding, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Android Development, Backend Development





Roots N Blues N BBQ has a website, but getting information to festival participants on the go is tricky. Each year there are new artists, venue changes and other updates. Printed information can’t be updated to handle last minute changes, and when thousands of visitors are relying on wireless networks simultaneously, there are often reliability issues and timeouts.


QuarkWorks built iOS and Android apps for festival goers to download information on the go before the festival gets started, as well as a backend which allows the Roots N Blues staff to update information remotely and send real-time notifications to the crowd when needed to notify attendees of important updates. QuarkWorks designs the app as well, working to fit in with the Roots N Blues theme and aesthetic so that they reflect the festival’s brand.


Thousands of users download the app and use it to help find information. By releasing this app and producing an update each year, we’ve helped improve the experience of countless attendees! Every fall there is a steady increase in Roots N Blues music festival members, and we are excited to continue improving the experience for users!