Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two exciting fields in developing modern apps. We offer the following related services:


MVP/Growth Planning

No plans for AI/ML yet? No worries, we can help get you bootstrapped! We will help you figure out where machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve your product and how to get an implementation up and running based around your current infrastructure.


Edge Computing

An exciting new technology is implementing machine learning algorithims on mobile devices directly, allowing users to perform useful tasks on device. We would love to chat with you about how to use this to improve how users interact with your app.


Cloud Services

We can help you move calculations and algorithms to the cloud in order for your app to utilize remote resources. We can help you optimize and scale your machine learning platform to improve your models as well reduce costs and enable new use cases.


Use Machine Learning To Solve Real World Problems

Image Analysis

Use image classification, object and activity detection for any optic-based computations.

Gather Sales Insights

Identify customer patterns, predict revenue and churn to increase sales and brand recognition.

Data Analytics

Pattern recognition and predictive analytics to help support your company.

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