Brett and Bryan

Who We Are

Quarkworks was founded in 2010 by Bryan Pratte (CEO) and Brett Koonce (CTO). They are both engineers with degrees who love figuring out life's mysteries and most importantly, build things. Bryan and Brett came together because they had a mutual love of mobile apps. They were exploring the iOS and Android SDK's separately in the early days of the mobile ecosystem and decided to team up together. The rest is history. Quarkworks is a mobile development firm based in the US with offices in San Francisco, California and Columbia, Missouri.

What makes us different?

Quarkworks is founded, built, and run by engineers. Every person who works for Quarkworks has built multiple iOS and Android apps. When you're working with us, you can directly contact any member of our team to solve your issue. There are no middlemen: the person you're interacting with will be able to answer your mobile app questions.

All of Us

Bryan Pratte - CEO

Bryan graduated from the University of Missouri with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He fell in love with mobile development when his dad gave him an iPhone and a developer account as a birthday gift in 2010. Quarkworks was born quickly after and he’s been obsessed ever since. He’s the only person we know who loves to talk about new UX/animation and SDK's on date night. Bryan is primarily located in the San Francisco office and loves meeting new people with ideas.


Brett Koonce - CTO

Brett graduated from the University of Missouri with a master’s in Computer Science. He loves the fluidity of software and has been contributing to open source projects for a long time. He is the best person to talk to about how to build complex data models, endpoints and how to make them scale. Brett is also primarily located in the San Francisco office, where you’ll find him either at tech meetups or in the yoga studio working on his handstand.


Brandon Erbschloe - Senior iOS Lead

Brandon started working at Quarkworks in 2011. He is a thoughtful and meticulous engineer, with over five years of experience in iOS development and a decent amount of Android as well. He’s familiar with all the frameworks in Objective-C and Swift. Brandon loves tinkering with functional programing and architecture patterns. He is primarily located in the Missouri office, but does travel for clients as needed.


Jacob Muchow - Senior Android Lead

Jacob joined the Quarkworks team in 2014 while he was finishing his CS degree at the University of Missouri. He has worked on numerous Android apps at Quarkworks and been the team lead on several projects. Jacob is always looking to broaden his skills - he enjoys doing design, backend engineering, websites, and computer graphics on top of mobile development. He lives in Columbia, but will travel for clients if needed.

Brett and Bryan
Brett and Bryan